hi i'm nic nice to meet you    

nice ⚽️⚽️⚽️




supporting racism in the name of peace :’)

Title: Ignorance
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a lot of madridistas i know do love him tho and if you say anything against him (and support barca) literally all they say is stuff like “WHO ARE YOU TO TALK LOOK AT BUSQUETS” imho they’re a migraine to even talk 2

like………….busquets stopped diving after 2011 and now he’s honestly one of the best in his position in the world but they’re still hung up on that
meanwhile pepe has been at it since 1983 when he first crawled out of hell

do madridistas even like pepe like this is an honest question because there is nothing at all that you can say to defend him and his actions and any sane person in this world would be embarrassed to have him on their team

like if you are proud of that man and actually support him and the shit he does that is truly disgusting 

i forgot i went to this art museum in hollywood (florida lmao) the other day before we left and they had a nathan sawaya exhibit and like wtf

argentina 0 (4) x 0 (2) netherlands


12 major transfer of the summer version “Transfer market”.

Annie Clark - Spex - June 2014



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when i was 15 i had the opportunity to meet pep but my parents wouldn’t take me to the charity game he was in lms if you cried

Anonymous asked: Is this gunna b u tmrw? youtube.c(o)m/watch?v=nS2QqSQbjOQ

if i actually could meet stevie that would probably be me
i really wish i could have gone to the training tbh

201!!! and liverpool

i’m going to the liverpool/man city game tomorrow in ny!!!!1! amazing