hi i'm nic nice to meet you    

oh also he’s venezuelan and the kid across the hall is from mexico he’s cool we talk about soccer and we just found another venezuelan on our floor so my room is like the latin america hangout

i’m so lame my roommate has gone out partying or at least tried to like every night that i’ve been here and he invites me but i’m just like nah i don’t really drink that much he probably thinks i’m so boring but I’ve spent like 3 days straight with him and his friends idk i need to make friends

Anonymous asked: if you had to pick one song to describe your life, what would it be?

the first thing that comes to mind is sleeping sickness by city and colour that’s kind if depressing but 💁




Carlo van de Roer

i’m all set up in my dorm for the most part i haven’t met my roommate yet tho because he’s helping his cousin at northeastern idk but yeah i’m in college!!!!!

he’s still with yanina

Anonymous asked: lavezzi's gf now is so gross. she called his son a fucker and called his son's mother a black bitch

send me a link



Europe is all set for kick-off.